Walter Sondheim Jr. Maryland Public Service Law Fellowship

The Walter Sondheim Jr. Maryland Public Service Law Fellowship offers a $3,000 stipend to select law students who are committed to serving full-time in a 10-week summer internship in public service and/or assist in providing legal services to low income residents in the State who cannot afford legal services.  Examples of intern hosts include The Office of the State’s Attorney for Baltimore City and The Maryland Attorney General’s Office.  Selected students must be in good academic standing and currently attend Law School in  Maryland.
IF INTERESTED, students are asked to apply to one of the summer programs below or locate one that meets the Fellowship requirements stated above.
ALTERNATIVE SITE- In addition to the Office of the State’s  Attorney for Baltimore City and the Maryland Attorney General’s Office Law Clerk & Legal Intern Programs, law students can apply to the fellowship by securing another summer intern opportunity in public service and/or which assists in providing legal services to low income residents in the State who cannot afford legal services.
If you secured a full-time summer internship meeting this requirement and would like to apply to the funding, please submit the following:
-  Resume
-  Law Transcript (unofficial is fine)
-  Essay not to exceed 500 words answering the question, “Why are you interested in pursuing a law career in the public service sector?”
-  Letter (or email) from your Direct Supervisor and Office/Department where you will be interning highlighting your duties and responsibilities along with confirming your full-time ten week internship dates of employment. (This is only for those interning at Alternative Sites)
Materials should be sent to:
Hannah Schmitz
The Shriver Center, UMBC
Attention: Walter Sondheim Jr. Maryland Public Service Law Fellowship
1000 Hilltop Circle
Baltimore, MD 21250
( if sent via e-mail)
Deadline Date: Friday, April 18, 2014 (Applicants will be notified in May.)
Questions and Additional Information, contact:
Hannah Schmitz, State Coordinator, at 410-455-2493 or