The Scholars Programs

The Scholars Program

The Scholars Program offers highly selective paid internship opportunities for outstanding students with a minimum GPA of 3.0.

The Shriver Center Scholars Program also offers specialized, competitive internship programs in collaboration with other campus departments and state agencies.

Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) Intern Program

The Maryland Department of Transportation Fellows Internship Program is designed to introduce Maryland’s most promising college students to the rewards and challenges of working within Maryland’s integrated transportation system. During the summer, interns are placed in senior-level assignments in one of MDOT’s integrated system of agencies.  The MDOT Fellows Internship Program is offered by The Shriver Center in partnership with the Office of the Secretary of Transportation.

Governor’s Summer Internship Program

The Governor’s Summer Internship Program, led by The Shriver Center in partnership with the Governor’s Office, provides a unique opportunity for college students to gain first-hand experience working in top-level state government agencies.

Candidates must be rising juniors or seniors and must attend a college or university in Maryland or be a Maryland resident who attends an out-of-state school. Applications are available from the campus coordinator at each college or university and on the website. A selection panel composed of representations from state government choose the 25 most qualified students to participate in the program.

Walter Sondheim Jr. Maryland Nonprofit Leadership Program

The Maryland Nonprofit Leadership Program offers paid summer internship opportunities in the nonprofit sector to college juniors, seniors, and graduate students attending Maryland institutions. Participating interns work for ten weeks full-time during the summer while participating in bi-weekly seminars in nonprofit management. The Shriver Center coordinates the program in conjunction with Maryland Association of Nonprofit Organizations and the Office of the Governor.

Walter Sondheim Jr. Maryland Public Service Law Fellowship

The Walter Sondheim Jr. Maryland Public Service Law Fellowship offers a $3,000 stipend to select law students who are committed to serving full-time in a 10-week summer internship in public service and/or assist in providing legal services to low income residents in the State who cannot afford legal services.  Two intern host examples include The Office of the State’s Attorney for Baltimore City and The Maryland Attorney General’s Office.  Those selected must be in good academic standing and currently attend Law School in Maryland.

The Shattuck Family Internship Program for Entrepreneurship Innovation and Social Change

The Shattuck Family Internship Program for Entrepreneurship Innovation and Social Change was created to prepare UMBC students for the rigors and rewards of entrepreneurship and social innovation.  This program, permanently endowed through a generous contribution from the Shattuck Family Foundation, places highly-motivated students from diverse backgrounds in rigorous, mentored internships.  The program will better prepare a select cadre of UMBC students to launch for-profit ventures.  Other students will get training and experiences to empower them to become the next generation of social entrepreneurs–working largely in the not-for-profit world, developing and delivering innovative solutions to some of our region’s most urgent social problems.

Kappa Theta Epsilon (KTE)

Kappa Theta Epsilon, the National Cooperative Education Honor Society, was founded in 1957 at Virginia Tech University. KTE promotes cooperative education by establishing and maintaining contacts between students, faculty, industry, and other cooperative education organizations. KTE’s purpose is to promote the personal and professional development of co-op students who have honored the University by distinguished scholarship and integrity as undergraduates in the Cooperative Education program.

KTE initiations take place once every Fall and Spring for outstanding students who have taken part in an internship or co-op for at least two semesters and have a GPA of 3.0 or higher.