Shriver Living Learning Center

Living and learning communities (LLCs) at UMBC connect students with a shared interest in culture, academics, or community service.

The Shriver Living Learning Center is a social and active residential floor in Erickson Hall that is home to students who are committed to making an impact on their community.  Each year, 29 undergraduate students of all years and disciplines are selected to live together and plan fun activities and service events. These students also complete 3-5 hours of community service (through a campus community partnership placement site of their choice) per week. The purpose of the SLLC is to promote service and engagement within the UMBC campus community. Throughout the year, these students will improve the UMBC community and the Greater Baltimore area through various service activities.

Why the Shriver Living Learning Community (SLLC)?

UMBC’s Residential Life distributes the annual Educational Benchmarking Incorporated (EBI) Resident Satisfaction Survey. LLC students self-reported:

  • They were more satisfied with their overall academic experience on campus than students not involved in an LLC.*
  • They were more engaged and involved on campus than students not involved in an LLC.*
  • They interacted with more university faculty and staff members than students not involved in an LLC.*
  • They had a greater understand of diversity and multiculturalism than students not involved in an LLC.*
  • SLLC had extremely high scores for “residents living with/near” them respecting their “sleep time” (6.42) and “study time” (6.52).**
  • Additionally, SLLC residents report that they “improved interpersonal relationships” (6.20) and benefitted from interactions with those “who are different” (6.35).**

*This data was compiled through the annual Educational Benchmarking Incorporated (EBI) Resident Satisfaction Survey in November and December of 2012. For more info, go to**Highest rating was up to 7.

“There is something so special about entering a community where you are surrounded by people who see college not just as a time to study and be social, but who have talents they want to give back to the community and a passion for encouraging success. What united my roommates and I was this passion, and we are still best friends to this day”
–Christie Smith, Former SLLC Floor Member

Former SLLC Members Have:

  • Studied abroad
  • Become the UMBC Valedictorian
  • Closed achievement gaps with youth
  • Been hired to lead service sites
  • Participated in STRIVE & LeaderShape
  • Received scholarships for their dedication to service
  • Attended graduate school, veterinary and medical school
  • Worked for non-profits (including United Way of Central Maryland and B’More Clubhouse)

In order to apply for the the Shriver Living Learning Center, you will need to complete a housing application.

To access the housing application, please visit the Residential Life website.

For more information contact Lori Hardesty at 410-455-2493 or