Obtain Academic Credit

Earn academic credit while serving your community!  Several service-learning classes are available to students who wish to engage in a more academically rigorous experience while they serve.  Please note that all students who enroll in a Service-Learning class are required to meet with a Program Coordinator to select a service-learning placement and to enroll in the 096 Practicum, a separate zero-credit class that is graded Pass/Fail. The 096 Practicum requires a weekly commitment of 3-5 hours at a service placement, as well as completion of reflection activities so that students have the opportunity to connect their service with what they are learning.

Current available courses:

Sociology 396- Reflections on Community Service: A Sociological Perspective Explore service at a community site from a sociological perspective.  Provides upper-level elective credits only.  Credits do not apply toward a Sociology major.

Honors 390- Reflections on Community Service Participate in an independent study of learning through service.  Only open to Honors College students.

IS 199- Service-Learning for Information Systems This service-learning experience is for all levels of students providing IS-related support for community organizations.  For more information, visit: http://userpages.umbc.edu/~cseaman/IS199.htm

MLL 306- Intercultural Communication: Issues Confronting Immigrant and Heritage Communities Explore current issues related to immigration while serving an immigrant/intercultural population.