Highlighted Service-Learning Leader: Kelly Cyr '12, recently honored Newman Civic Fellow

Service-learning is a fun, hands-on way to supplement a college education and produce a well rounded and civically engaged student. Service-learning gives students an opportunity to connect to the UMBC campus community and Baltimore area in a meaningful and beneficial way. There are numerous opportunities for students to engage in leadership roles and make a difference in other’s lives through service-learning.

Service Learning Facts:

  • More than 600 students are placed each year in sustained academic service-learning placements in partnership with over 60 community organizations and 10 academic departments at UMBC.
  • Students receive zero-credit Practicum notation on their transcript that reflects 3-5 hours per week of service in a non-profit or education institution in Baltimore.
  • Nearly 1/4 of the students who participated in service-learning did so in conjunction with a class, earning credits from multiple UMBC departments.

Student Testimony

Amber Spry, Political Science/ Media & Communication Studies– “One of the things that attracted me most to UMBC was The Shriver Center.  Participating in their service-learning curriculum has had a tremendous impact on my future goals.  It helped me see where civic engagement, education, and passion can come together and really impact the community.”

Sunaina Khandelwal, Biochemistry– “Not only has The Shriver Center given me incredible support in my service endeavors, it has also given me the opportunity to develop as an individual and citizen, and I am so grateful for that.”

Kat Patterson– “The Shriver Center has really opened my eyes to the myriad ways of how service is structured, discovered, and implemented.”

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