Participating in a Co-op

A co-op is a special type of internship, wherein a student typically alternates semesters between full-time work and full-time study. As a co-op, you’ll make money, build your network and oftentimes obtain a non-competitive job offer in advance of graduation. Co-ops do require advance planning with regard to course scheduling and determining graduation dates, so be sure to talk to your Shriver Center coordinator and Academic Advisor early if you are considering participating in a co-op while enrolled at UMBC.

UMBC students participating in an official co-op program administered by the Shriver Center will also be considered full-time students when registered for a full-time co-op. Instructions on registering a co-op are available here. For the purposes of insurance verification or student loan deferment, UMBC will report status as “full-time” for students who are registered for a full-time co-op administered by the Shriver Center. Any student who receives notification of repayment while on co-op should contact The Shriver Center immediately to resolve the situation.

However, the rules governing financial aid and scholarships are determined not on the basis of enrollment status (“full-time”), but rather on the number of credits a student enrolls in for a particular semester. You must contact your financial aid counselor to schedule an appointment and determine how your aid and/or scholarship will be impacted by going on a co-op. Please visit their website at for your counselor’s name and contact information.