Obtain Transcript Notation (Practicum)

Add Your Internship, Co-op, or Research Position to Your Transcript

Students who have an internship, cooperative education or research position can easily add a notation on their transcript recognizing their applied learning experience.

The Shriver Center’s Practicum is a zero-credit, pass-fail course recorded on a student’s permanent transcript that provides a record of the student’s participation in a University sanctioned internship, cooperative education, and/or research position.

The Practicum:

  • Provides evidence via transcript notation that the student participated in a University sanctioned internship, co-op, or research position.
  • Can be linked to upper-level academic credit when appropriate.
  • Includes only three requirements: 1) developing learning objectives, 2) completing on-line evaluations, and 3) attending no more than two Shriver Center seminars.
  • Provides the student with a formal performance evaluation from their supervisor.
  • Allows the student to maintain full-time student status when participating in a full-time internship, research or co-op position.

Steps to Get Your Internship, Co-op, or Research Position Added to Your Transcript

To begin the process, simply make an appointment to see a  Shriver Center coordinator by calling our front desk at 410-455-2493.  For students attending USG, please contact Ray Regimbal at regimbal@umbc.edu or 301-738-6157 to schedule an appointment at The Universities at Shady Grove.

During your appointment a Shriver Center coordinator will enroll you in the appropriate zero-credit pass/fail Practicum, and discuss the requirements and credit options with you.

If you found the internship/co-op/research position outside of using The Shriver Center/UMBCworks, please plan to bring the information listed below to your appointment. Those who found the position using The Shriver Center/UMBCworks do not need to provide the Center with this verification. The information should be documented on the organization’s letterhead with a signature of a professional staff member who can verify your intern/co-op/research status.

  • A complete and detailed position description
  • A commitment to employment dates that correspond to a full semester at UMBC
  • Your schedule, including hours worked per week
  • Supervisor’s contact information
  • Salary information (if applicable)
  • Have your employer sign the Employer Agreement