Tips for Hosting an Intern, Co-op, or Research Student

Designate an Internship/Co-op Coordinator

Identify Work Assignments

Serve as a Mentor

Conduct an Orientation

Provide Introductions

Engage Students in Meetings and Social Events

Complete an Evaluation

Obtain Assistance from The Shriver Center

Designate an Internship/Co-op Coordinator: The internship/co-op coordinator serves as the liaison between your organization, The Shriver Center and the student. Typically the Internship Coordinator will be someone from your organization’s human resource department or, in smaller organizations, the supervisor for the student intern or co-op.

Identify Work Assignments: It is critical to the success of this experience that you assign meaningful tasks and duties to the student and inform the student of your organization’s mission, goals, and needs.

Serve as a Mentor: The mentor can guide and advise the student while developing the intern’s skills and dedication to your organization. Having a specific person to whom questions can be discussed, and guidance and support can be received is essential.

Conduct an Orientation: When bringing in a new intern/co-op, it is important that he/she is introduced to your organization and given an orientation. An orientation provides you with the opportunity to formally present significant elements of your organization’s professional environment to the student. An orientation may include informing new interns of rules, regulations, and expectations of the organization.

Provide Introductions: Take time in the beginning of the placement to introduce the student to key people in the organization. By making a special effort to encourage these contacts early on, your student will feel more comfortable asking for advice or support later.

Engage Students in Meetings and Social Events: Provide your student with opportunities to network and be involved in meetings related to the overall management and goals of the organization.

Complete an Evaluation: To help the intern/co-op learn and develop, it is recommended that the student be evaluated. The student will recognize his or her strengths as well as identify those skills and attributes that he or she must continue to develop.

Obtain Assistance from The Shriver Center: Not only can The Shriver Center promote your intern/co-op opportunities, we can help you develop learning objectives for your intern/co-op and act as your university liaison.